• Meditoxin 100ui

Meditoxin 100ui

- Product composition: Botulinum toxin type A

- Meditoxin 100ui

- 1 vial, 100 units per pack

- Weight: 40 g

- Manufacturer: Medytox Inc., South Korea


Meditoxin is a type A botulinum toxin from Medytox Inc., which is known for the quality and safety of its products.

>> Wrinkles can appear even in young women due to the active use of facial expressions.

Over the years, they become more visible, and coping with them becomes much more difficult. Meditoxin acts on the cause of wrinkles, that is, on overstrained or overly active facial muscles. As a result, it relaxes, and the wrinkle is smoothed, thanks to the elastic properties of the skin.

Strengths of Meditoxin:

> Quick action

- The effect is noticeable already on the 2nd day of the procedure and increases to 10 days

> Long-lasting effect

> Selective action

> High patient satisfaction

> Meditoxin 100ui has been successfully used to correct severe skin defects. 

Purpose of Meditoxin 100ui:

 > Smoothing pronounced vertical creases in the area of ​​the eyebrows

> Elimination of crows feet, wrinkles near the mouth, Venus rings on the neck

> Blepharospasm elimination

> Hyperhidrosis elimination

> Botox lifting

> The duration of the effect of 4-6 months.