• LENISNA, 1vial(200mg)/Box

LENISNA, 1vial(200mg)/Box


LENISNA 1vial(200mg)/box






- Volume: 200mg/vial (PLA 170mg + HA 30mg)

- PDLA Size: 50~60µm

- Cannula Size: 25~27G



About the Product


>> LENISNA is a new concept of biomaterial for tissue restoration

that helps to improve damaged skin by enhancing facial volume and skin elasticity.

>> LENISNA is a product that combines ultrafine molecules into a porous circular structure

by the micro-particles spraying method, which is the manufacturer’s patented technology.

Thus, it can be injected smoothly without clogging, and there is no side effect due to collagen clumping.

>> Poly Lactic Acid, a biopolymer that is a suitable material for the human body,

and Hyaluronic Acid, a substance that is naturally present in the human body,

are injected to promote collagen production  continuously,

thereby repairing skin tissue and improving skin elasticity.

>> LENISNA is approved for product performance

and safety as a medical device of CE class III and KFDA class 4.



Main Features


>> By using both L-form PLA and D-form PLA,

LENISNA does not cause nodes, a side effect of the existing PLA products,

and the injection of the product is smoother.

>> A unique porous structure of LENISNA

limits the movement of HA contained in the spherical molecules,

thereby showing an immediate effect(Scaffolding Effect).

>> HA combined with LENISNA shows visible results immediately after injection,

such as brightening and skin elasticity.

>> LENISNA can be used by suspending it

with a Vortex Mixer 30 minutes before the procedure.



How It Works


>> As macrophages in the body induce an immune response

by breaking down PLA and fibroblasts are activated,

collagen is produced at the injection areas of the product.

>> New collagen starts to be produced in the skin from 4 weeks after the procedure.

Collagen production lasts for about 8 weeks afterwards, which regenerates the skin tissue.

>> The skin tissue regenerated by the product looks natural and lasts for a long period (about 2 years).

>> PLA, the main component of the product,

is a biodegradable macromolecule biopolymer that is harmless to the human body

since it is naturally decomposed in the body over time

and is discharged to the outside through metabolism



Preparations for the Treatment


>> In case of preparation the day before the procedure:

Mix in 5ml of physiological saline and let it sit 24 hours before the procedure.

Shake it gently for about 10 minutes before use and then use it.

→ softer injection is available.

>> In case of preparation on the day of the procedure:

Mix in 5ml of physiological saline 30 minutes before the procedure by using a Vortex Mixer

or 15~20 minutes at 3000 rpm or higher. → immediate use is available.

>> Recommended Cannula Size: 25~27G

>> If an anesthetic is used at the doctor’s discretion, reduce 1ml of physiological saline and add 1ml of lido.



Treatment Methods


Please use 1 vial for a single session of the treatment.

Divide into a total of 3 sessions and perform the treatment at four to six-week intervals

  (3 times during 12 to 18 weeks, using a total of 3 vials)



Recommended Areas


Nasolabial folds

Saggy cheeks

Cheek areas


LENISNA is recommended for areas with thick skin.