• illuma Shine 3ml X 4 Vials

Illuma Shine 3ml X 4 Vials


iLLUMA shine 3ml x 4 vials


- Cross-Linked H.A, Glutathione, Pentapeptide13, and etc

- Improve skin tone, smooth wrinkles, anti-aging



iLLUMA Shine helps improve skin tone by controlling the hormones that produce melanin

and makes skin bright and clear by removing melanin.

It contains hyaluronic acid and various peptides, so it maintains moisture in the skin, spreads wrinkles, and prevents aging.



Effects :

>> Retain skin moisture

>> Reduce melanin in skin

>> Prevent the aging signs including wrinkles

>> Improve and maintain skin elasticity

>> Improve skin brightness

>> Bring skin-conditioning effects

>> Treat for the skin texture with folds

>> Smooth out wrinkles

>> Maintain light and clear skin tone