• ILLUMA Crystal Rose 5ml X 5vials
  • ILLUMA Crystal Rose 5ml X 5vials

ILLUMA Crystal Rose 5ml X 5vials


> Peptides, glutathione and hyaluronic acid make the skin supple and healthy.


iLLUMA makes your skin bright and radiant


Main Ingredients:

- Peptide

- Glutathione

- Hyaluronic acid


iLLUMA Crystal Rose is a highly concentrated ampoule containing peptide,

glutathione and hyaluronic acid as main ingredients.


* Fibroblast stimulation

* Collagen stimulation

* Antiradical action

* Improves the ability of the skin to regenerate and the function of dermal fibroblasts.

* Improves the tone and texture of skin dull from dryness and aging

* Provides hydration to the inner part of the skin and makes the skin naturally radiant and supple.


> Precautionary measures


 • Avoid facial scrubs and peels, alcohol, saunas, excessive exercise and smoking for at least 1 week.

 • You may experience temporary pain, bruising and swelling, which in most cases disappear within a week,

but the bruising may persist for more than a week, depending on the individual.

 • If you have bruises, apply cold compresses and then warm compresses.



> Recommended Indication


 • The effect is shown gradually in 1-2 weeks.

 • The first 3 treatments are performed every 2-3 weeks to improve cell regenerative capacity,

after which an additional treatment is performed every 3-6 months to maintain improved skin condition.