• Dr. Lipo+ 10 vials x 10ml Lipolysis Fat Dissolving Injection Filler SLIM POINT Filler Body Shape Reduce Fat

Dr. Lipo+ 10 Vials X 10ml Lipolysis Fat Dissolving Injection Filler SLIM POINT Filler Body Shape Reduce Fat


With a raw material purity of 99.8% and deoxycholate purity levels set at 98%,

Dr. Lipo is one of the safest and most effective fat dissolving products in existence today.

It offers fast subcutaneous fat removal.

It fights obesity in two main ways – by speeding up metabolism and melting the fat tissues in a natural and health-friendly manner.



This fantastic PPC (Phosphatidyl Choline) solution can also increase the elasticity of the skin and remove cellulite.

The recommended treatment with this product requires one injection treatment with a 10-day interval between each session.


Unlike liposuction, treatment with Dr Lipo is not expensive and it does not require downtime.

At the same time, it too can target specific problem areas.

What is more, the application of this top-notch fat resolving production does not include pain or discomfort.

This gives is an advantage over mesotherapy products which are usually combined with local anaesthetics.

Also, while most other injectables only succeed in reducing the size of fat cells, this masterpiece completely dissolves them.

This means that there is no danger of a yo-yo effect.



No side effects

  • German-made high-purity raw materials
  • Japanese-made high-purity deoxycholate
  • Gamma-irradiated
  • Complies with international quality & health standards



The most common indications for shaping various problem areas

  • Breast (anterior axilla in women breast fat in men)
  • Treatment of cellulite
  • Back (isolated fat deposits)
  • Extremities: arms, upper inner thigh, knee
  • Abdomen: fat deposits at the rib margin, area of lower abdominal and hips