• Dermaheal HL Anti-Hair Loss Solution 5mlx10vials
  • Dermaheal HL Anti-Hair Loss Solution 5mlx10vials

Dermaheal HL Anti-Hair Loss Solution 5mlx10vials


Dermaheal HL


5ml x 10vials



> Dermaheal HL is a mesotherapy cocktail for hair loss prevention.

> The product is rich in active components: it contains 56 ingredients in total.

> The key components are 4 biomimetic peptides that act on the hair follicle

    by stimulating hair cell proliferation (acetyl decapeptide-3, oligopeptide-41),

    strengthening the hair shaft (decapeptide-4, copper tripeptide-1),

    and strengthening the hair structure

    by stimulating angiogenesis (copper tripeptide-1) and synthesis of collagen and elastin (decapeptide-4).

> In addition, the solution contains 13 vitamins, 24 amino acids, various coenzymes, minerals, etc.

> Dermaheal HL solves the problem of hair loss by activating hair growth and scalp regeneration.



Strengths of Dermaheal HL

- the product has no analogues in the aesthetic medicine

- rich composition:

   4 biomimetic peptides, various vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other natural ingredients

- works both on the head scalp and hair structure

- increased hair number, thickness and improved hair structure



Dermaheal HL is used for treatment and prevention of hair loss both in men and women.



Scope of Dermaheal HL

- prevention and treatment of alopecia and hair loss

- strengthening the hair structure

- stimulation of new hair growth



Product composition


Decapeptide-4 (CG-IDP2)

Acetyl decapeptide-3 (rejuline)

Oligopeptide-41 (CG-keramin 1)

Copper tripeptide-1

13 Vitamins

24 Amino acids

5 Minerals

4 Coenzymes

4 Nucleic acids

2 Reducing agents



Dermaheal HL

10 vials × 5 ml per pack

Manufacturer: Caregen Co., Ltd., South Korea