- Colladew Atelocollagen Filler

- 1.0mL * 1 Syringe

- 3 ~ 6 months duration

- Storage in room temperature

Snow White injection

  : Colladew + AMI eyes + NCTF (skin elasticity, wrinkle improvement, skin Rejuvenation, and whitening)





Colladew is a collagen filler approved by KFDA, a Korean medical device.

Atelocollagen, which has removed the immune rejection class, is the main ingredient, and is harmless to the human body and 99% consistent with skin epidermal collagen.

Colladew injection treatment forms a baby skin-like volume by filling loose skin with collagen, and the effect can be confirmed immediately after injection into the dermal layer. It also directly charges collagen in the skin and helps the collagen regenerate itself, improving skin elasticity. Colladew can also be used to improve skin tone by activating the production and metabolism of other skin cells.

About a month after the procedure, only 60% remains, 40% is absorbed within the body, and the effect can be expected for about a year to a year and a half.

How to use Colladew

- Right under your eyes 1~2cc

- Dark circles 1cc

- Neck wrinkles 2cc

- Forehead Deep wrinkles 1cc~2cc

- Smile line wrinkles 1cc - Pimple scar 0.2~0.3 cc