• Celosome Aqua HA 60 2.5 Ml X 5 Syringes

Celosome Aqua HA 60 2.5 Ml X 5 Syringes


Celesome Aqua contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (24 mg / ml) of non-animal origin with a high degree of purification.


The hyaluronic acid from which the product is made, in its unique structure, coincides with the natural hyaluronic acid contained in the body.

The composition includes mannitol (9 mg / ml), which reduces the inflammatory reaction at the injection site (reduces the risk of bruising and edema during the procedure) and additionally stabilizes hyaluronic acid.

The contents of the syringe were sterilized with hot steam.

Manufacturer ExoCoBio carries out strict quality control, control is carried out directly at each stage of production.


Celosome Aqua is used for simple non-surgical injection procedures that bring instant results.

The drug is used to moisturize, restore and rejuvenate the skin, stimulates collagen production, helps restore hydrobalance, increase elasticity and smooth fine wrinkles.



Indications Celosome Aqua for use:

* Wrinkles and creases of varying degrees.

* Pronounced bags under the eyes, swelling.

* Dehydration of the skin, excessive dryness.

* Dull complexion.

* Laxity of the dermis.

* Increased activity of sebaceous secretion.

* Rosacea

* Traces of acne.

* Blurred face contour.

* Striae, stretch marks and scars

* Rehabilitation after aggressive cosmetic procedures.


Technique of introduction:

* Spot - for sensitive areas of the decollete, the area around the mouth and eyes.

* Mesh - for the correction of pronounced wrinkles of the forehead, cheeks, chin and around the mouth.

* Linear retrograde - filling in deep wrinkles of the nose and forehead, nasolabial folds.

* Areas of administration: all areas of the face (optimal for the forehead and cheekbones), neck, hands.

* Place of injection: superficial and upper layers of the dermis.


Duration of action

1-3 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the skin.



Store at a temperature of 2 ℃ to 25 ℃.

Do not freeze.

Avoid direct sunlight.